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In English: EU Elections

The upcoming EU elections are more important than in a long time. Climate change, environmental concerns, healthy and safe food production as well as animal welfare are all areas where our politics can help make the EU better for all Europeans.

We are also convinced that the EU now needs more liberal voices who can stand up to populism. In a time when aggressive nationalist parties are spreading fear and hate, we will continue fighting for an EU that stands up for human rights and equality.

Fighting climate change

The situation is serious. We have to act now to stop climate change from getting out of hand, and we have to act together. The EU must lead the way.

  • EU climate targets must be set higher, in order to meet the Paris Agreement. Emissions need to heavily reduce quickly.
  • We need to focus on increasing renewable energy sources (such as solar, wind and water) in combination with fossil free fuels.
  • We want to make transport greener – both cars and planes, but also ships. Further, it needs to be made much easier to travel by train between European countries.

Taking care of our environment

By working together, we can reduce the use of plastics and toxins in our environment, which affects both our own health as well as our planet’s.

  • We have to reduce the amount of highly damaging plastics in our lives. For example, we want to see a ban on more single use plastic items within the EU.
  • Pregnant women and children are today unable to swim in the Baltic Sea, due to toxins. This is unacceptable and must be acted on.
  • Imported products from outside the EU must be made to follow the same restrictions regarding chemicals as EU-made products.

healthier food production and animal welfare

Due to an irresponsible use of antibiotics in animal breeding in many EU countries, we are facing one of the biggest threats to human kind.

  • We need to ensure that we limit the use of antibiotics for sick animals only, or we won’t be able to cure infections such as pneumonia in the future.
  • We propose a global agreement for antibiotics, similar to the Paris Agreement. We have no time to spare, we must act now.
  • In Sweden, there are already strict laws around healthy food production, agriculture and animal welfare. Similar laws need to be enforced in the rest of the EU.

human rights and an open EU

The extreme right and its nationalist ideas are spreading hate and fear throughout Europe. Our democracy is threatened and we are growing more polarised.

  • We support a united EU based on collaboration and peace, not nationalism and hate.
  • Countries who allow human rights violations need to be held responsible and face sanctions from EU.
  • All EU member states must take joint responsibility for refugees that seek asylum.