Center Party, Huddinge – Sustainability, Security and Freedom of Choice

The Center Party wants a green, secure and entrepreneurial society where you have more influence over your everyday decisions - wherever you live.

We are a liberal and decentralistic political party. Our three main issues in Huddinge are a more sustainable environment, a more secure Huddinge and more freedom of choice.

Future generations should also get to enjoy and benefit from the nature. We believe in people and we believe in the future. We can manage the green transition and at the same time create growth. It has to be easier to be more environmental- and climate-smart. When Huddinge grows it requires both environmental investments and greener transport infrastructure.

  • Cleaner water with new wetlands and local regulations for car washing.
  • Green traffic investments to increase opportunities for environmental friendly travelling, above all incentive parking, Spårväg syd, Tvärförbindelse Södertörn and secure lanes for bicycles and pedestrians.
  • Improve the accessibility to nature reserves and lakes; nature guiding and information.

A safer man is a freer man. A secure society is built by people who feel trust and confidence in each other. Together we create a secure Huddinge by working preventively, because no one is born criminal. We must also invest in pleasant and secure outdoor environments and prioritize education and integration.

  • Safer housing areas with defector support so more people choose to leave a criminal lifestyle and with area hosts who strengthen the security in our centers with their relation-building work.
  • Inclusive education with more resources for schools with lowest results, better access to student health and increased pre-school voucher.
  • Better integration by accelerating the introduction process for newly arrived pupils, compulsory social information and support for sports associations.

People can and want to decide how to live their lives. Increasing the choice of tax-funded services is therefore important for us. We are convinced that it also increases the quality of the service itself.

  • More people can work in Huddinge by giving entrepreneurs a good response and making it easier for small companies to participate in procurement.
  • Free choice for the school of culture so that the queues are reduced and more young people can participate.
  • Active choice of school, people know best what school suits them.