Lunch seminar: Fake News

Date and Time

Thursday, March 1, 2018, 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM CET


Stora Nygatan 4, Centerpartiets kansli, 111 27 Stockholm, Sweden.

The 2016 U.S. presidential election brought the idea that we’re living in a post-truth world to the fore. In particular, the rise of bots (“web robots”) in combination with the widespread use of social media enabled the circulation of unprecedented amounts of fake news. In light of these developments, what are the best strategies for dealing with disinformation? How can organizations like the Centre Party respond constructively and proactively to the challenges that the new media landscape poses? To discuss these vital issues, we have invited three experts on fake news and ‘alternative facts’:

Paul Rapacioli, who started The Local in 2004 to provide Sweden's news in English to foreigners seeking a better understanding of the country. Since then, The Local has published 40,000 articles about Sweden and has expanded to nine countries, with journalists all over Europe and five million readers each month. He has recently written a book, Good Sweden, Bad Sweden, about the new challenges to the country's international reputation.

Åsa Wikforss, Ph.D., who is a professor in theoretical philosophy at Stockholm University. Her primary areas of research are the philosophy of language and its intersection with the philosophy of mind, as well as the nature of knowledge (epistemology). In a 2015 op-ed in Dagens Nyheter, she argued that the Swedish school system needs to let go of the postmodernist ‘truth relativism’ that has prevailed in recent years. In 2017, her book Alternativa fakta: om kunskapen och dess fiender, where she examines the phenomenon of fact resistance, was published.

Moderator: Karl-Johan Karlsson, who is media strategist at The Centre Party. Former national political reporter at Expressen.

The event will be held in English.

Complimentary lunch will be served to all registered participants.

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At this lunch seminar you'll have the possibility to purchase:

Rapacioli's publication Good Sweden, Bad Sweden, about the new challenges to the country's international reputation.

Price: 149 SEK

Swish nr: 123 214 93 59

Wikfforss' publication Alternativa fakta: om kunskapen och dess fiender (in Swedish).

Price: 150 SEK

Swish nr: 0733-668541

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